Rules Of The Property


  1. All persons enter the property at their own risk. OVEC cannot be held liable for any injury to you, your horse or damage to your property or any other person which may occur on or off OVEC property during the term of this Agreement.
  2. OVEC facilities and property are strictly for the use of fee paying authorised pass holders only.
  3. No access is given to any Authorised Pass Holder to any property adjoining OVEC property, so stay within the farm boundaries.
  4. When riding on OVEC property, we strongly advise that you take a cell phone and advise someone of your expected return time.
  5. You must be courteous towards others who share this property – any issues please discuss with OVEC management.
  6. Any individual who exhibits behaviour that is considered inappropriate or unacceptable to OVEC management will be asked to leave the property.
  7. An approved safety helmet must be worn by all riders while on OVEC property
  8. Use of the sand arena is conditional to availability and bookings must be done online. OVEC horse grazers may be using the sand arena at the same time that you have booked, so please be courteous towards one another.
  9. All jumping equipment must be safely stored to the side of the arena after use.
  10. No galloping near other riders, especially when passing OVEC treks or instructional riders.
  11. If a trek approaches you, please move to the side of the track or road and let the trek pass.
  12. If you want to pass a trek, please DO NOT go through the group. Wait for an appropriate area where you can pass well to the side of the trekking group.
  13. Most of the fences on this property are electrified. Please be aware of this and keep your horse and yourself well clear of all fences.
  14. OVEC requires you to leave gates as found. Failure to do so may require you to compensate OVEC for ensuring damage or displaced stock.
  15. Smoking and alcohol are banned on all parts of the property.
  16. Rubbish must be disposed of in the appropriate rubbish bins provided.
  17. If your horse has been exposed to or is suspected of having a contagious disease, do not bring it on to the property until it has veterinary clearance.
  18. Arena and Trail Pass Holders must advise OVEC management of any accident or injury to themselves or to others that they either sustain, witness, or made aware of, or are advised of.
  19. It is an Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) requirement that any accident on OVEC property is reported immediately. It is OVEC’s responsibility to contact OSH as soon as possible after an incident.
  20. You must not deface or cause damage to any of OVEC’s buildings, fittings, or equipment, including graffiti and alterations to OVEC property.
  21. Report without delay any damage caused to OVEC property by you or your horse(s) to OVEC management. Arrangements for repair must be made immediately with OVEC and may be at your expense.


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